Painless management for your

Media Stack

Deploy Plex, Emby containers and more, or manage users via invites.
Meet your users' needs with built-in support and awesome tools!


Connect WHMCS and automatically dispatch deployments


Kronos comes with a fully integrated support-system


Users can request content from Kronos utilizing the power of Sonarr's and Radarr's

CDN integration

Retain users around the world with a solid CloudFlare CDN integration

Your setup

All In One Place

Let Kronos take care of what you're currently spending a lot of time doing

Everything from SSH keys, nodes, containers, and monitoring is supported by Kronos. Enable UptimeRobot monitoring and never worry about a node being offline again.

Provisioning users with Kronos is a breeze. All you have to do is connect WHMCS, and everything is automated from there. You can also deploy users without WHMCS if you want a more simplified experience.

Kronos has a built-in support system. This makes it easier for you as well as the user.

Not convinced?

Try the Demo

It's hard to showcase and describe everything Kronos has to offer without overwhelming you. Therefore you are free to give our demo a try! Feel free to click around and familiarize yourself with the power of Kronos.

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$9.99 Per Month


  • 1 Node
  • Unlimited Deployments
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$29.99 Per Month


  • 5 Nodes
  • Unlimited Deployments
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$59.99 Per Month


  • 10 Nodes
  • Unlimited Deployments
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Per Month

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  • Unlimited Nodes
  • 500 Deployments


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